Episode 19 · November 8th, 2018 · 15 mins 3 secs

About this Episode

The recent shooting attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh has been deeply traumatic. In its aftermath, Rabbi Deborah Waxman shares a personal Jewish practice that sustains her in difficult times, in the hopes that it might help cultivate resilience among our listeners.

Also, in this episode you'll learn how to tune in for a special episode of Hashivenu that will be streamed live during our upcoming convention.
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Episode Links

  • Ritualwell: 10 Resources to Inspire Gratitude — Learn more about the importance of gratitude as a source of resilience.
  • Flavors of Gratefulness | Rabbi Shefa Gold — Each day I wake up with an intention that when I open my eyes I will see and recognize God’s Face in the details of the day I am about to encounter. I have many different melodies for the chant. I make up a new one almost every day that expresses my particular mood, inspiration, anticipation, attitude or flavor of my gratefulness. On this page, you can download a PDF of the melodies as well as listen to them online.
  • Flavors of Gratefulness App | Rabbi Shefa Gold — With Rabbi Shefa Gold’s app you can awaken to all the many dimensions of gratefulness with Modah Ani. Wake up each day to a new melody to fuel the intention (kavanah) to see and recognize God’s Face in the details of the upcoming day.